Stefan Kendal Gordy may have been born into Music royalty as the son of legendary Motown founder Berry Gordy, but he is better known to the world as Redfoo -- a man who carved his own trailblazing status into the hearts and dancing feet of millions around the world.

The man beneath the famous afro and oversized glasses is more than just a charismatic character on the airwaves; Redfoo wears many hats as a performer, producer, songwriter, DJ, actor, music show judge, serious tennis player, digital app innovator and fashion designer.

Bursting onto the world stage as the creative half of the electronic pop-rock duo LMFAO, he scored a couple of #1 hits in more than 30 countries. His sound reflects a new movement in music, and catapulted him into superstar status, enabling him to collaborate with Kanye West, Pitbull, Carly Rae Jepson, Ice Cube,, Lil Jon, fellow DJ’s David Guetta and Steve Akoi. He performed along side Madonna in the 2012 Super Bowl half time show.

His fresh, fun and unique style and talent, has earned him countless honours and accolades from both his peers and worldwide party rockers. With a massive six Billboard Music Awards, Grammy nominations and shiny hardware from the American Music Awards, MTV EMA’s, MTV VMA’s, Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and two of France’s most prestigious NRJ Awards, Redfoo has plenty awards and plaques to decorate his Los Angeles recording studio.

Thirty million single sales and more than 1.6 billion YouTube views later, Redfoo is just getting the party started. Back in Australia for his second run as the popular judge on Simon Cowell’s X Factor’s, he has won the hearts of Aussie fans who sent his single “Let’s Get Ridiculous’ straight to #1 and four times platinum in 2013.

In between his various creative ventures, he has a packed performance roster that includes juggling international appearances, headlining for the hottest, maxed out mega clubs and party-performing around the globe at festivals (including the infamous Tomorrowland), Redfoo still finds time to produce his music. and expand his La Freak Clothing Label into mainstream fashion lines. Inspired during his feature film-acting debut with Robert DeNiro & Michael Douglas in the hilarious “Last Vegas,” comedy, Redfoo recently established a TV-film company, Redfoo Entertainment. Its first project is filming his mockumentary series “Behind the Speedo”.

This fall, Redfoo released his newest single “New Thang”, from his solo album, on his new independent record label, Party Rock which is currently enjoying platinum sales and top ten radio rotation.

For Redfoo, who sees himself as a conductor orchestrating everything from creation to delivery -- as well as the marketing and promotional elements of his records -- Party Rock is the perfect and very personal platform that lets him execute his unique vision from start to finish.

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Having a very serious political debate w/ #Jiffpom. I think the sneeze means I lost. #dogpolitics ...

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